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MOT Test Station (Cars and Vans)

Class IV Inspection

Car & Van Servicing  (Full or Interim)

Interim Service is an engine oil + oil filter change with a good check over of the car including tyre wear and pressures.  All lights and levels on the car are checked and changed or topped up as needed.  If there are any issues with the car these will be reported to the owner to inform them of their options.

Full Service is a replacement of the engine oil and all the filters (oil, air, pollen and fuel) as needed, replacement of spark plugs where fitted, and the car is given a through inspection and review.  The brakes are stripped and cleaned.  All lights and levels inspected.  Tyre wear and pressures are checked.  If there are any issues with the car these will be reported to the owner to inform them of their options.

Supply and fit new tyres

We have a large stock of tyres but we also have 2 deliveries available daily so we are able to order any new tyres required that day before 12pm.  We are competitively priced on all tyres and we can get any tyre manufacture you require.  All prices we quote will include valve, inflation, balance, disposal and VAT.  No hidden costs!

Replace Exhausts

We use quality exhausts for replacement on all makes and models of car and van

Test and replace batteries

Batteries are vital for the starting of the car.  We can test the batteries performance and to see if its charging as required.  If not, then we can get a replacement battery from different manufacturers with either 3 or 5 years warranty.

Air Conditioning Servicing

More and more cars are being fitted with Air Conditioning (A/C) and these can develop faults or just lose their gas over time.  We have a automated re-gassing machine which will test the A/C system for major leaks before attempting to put gas in.  We can also inject an Ultra Violet (UV) dye so if there is a minor leak on the system then this can be traced.  If issues are found we can source replacement parts and pipes to resolve A/C issues.

Fit clutches

We work on all makes and models of cars.  Supplying and fitting the best brands (LUK, Valeo, Excedy, etc) we can also fit the Dual Mass Flywheel (DMF) if required.

Change starter motors and alternators

If your car lets you down and it's a problem with the starter motor, or the alternator not charging, then we will source the best quality replacement at the best price and replace.

Turbo replacements

When a turbo needs replacing we will investigate the cost and availability of either a new or exchange unit.  We only use Turbo Technics for excellent refurbished turbos with 12 months guarantee.

Cambelts Replacement

Cambelts need to be replaced and the intervals are different for all makes and models.  Due to the many variations we recommend contacting the main dealer for the replacement period, then we can discuss the cost to replace.

If your cambelt breaks then this will likely cause thousands of pounds of damage to your engines.